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This project was my senior thesis addressing issues of dating safety, sexual assault, and LGBTQ+ violence. The solution was Salus, an organization that aims to create safer dating spaces by providing resources to both businesses and patrons. The name, pronounced as solace, refers to the Roman goddess of safety and well-being.


Brand Identity, Brand Collateral, Illustration


bystander intervention

With alcohol being the most common date rape drug, Salus offers bystander intervention training to alcohol-serving establishments. The training helps staffers recognize signs of aggressive or unwanted sexual behaviors and encourage them to intervene safely. Additionally, the establishment will receive access to a digital resource library, employee training tracking app, and promotional materials such as window decals, posters, coasters, and buttons. 



This project was inspired by a summer-long true crime podcast binge. There were cases upon cases of violence against women. In listening to these stories, I reflected on my own experiences of vulnerability, specifically when it came to dating. How much do I reveal about myself on Tinder? Should I trust my date or my instincts? Where's the safest place to meet them? It revealed the need to give women the power, security, and peace of mind while on a date. I expanded this project to be inclusive of LGBTQ+ folk living in conservative areas who need the same protection.

safety app

Salus also provides an app for patrons to locate trained businesses in their area. Additionally, patrons will have access to resources such as articles, hotlines, relevant research, and a community forum where they can share their experiences and, in doing so, create a supportive community.

Dating mode

A unique feature of the app is its dating mode. If the patron leaves the establishment or goes to a private residence, patrons can toggle the dating mode and they will have the ability to share their location with their emergency contacts or send an emergency alert to law enforcement.

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