Moozy is an ice cream truck that sells alcohol-infused frozen treats to millennials seeking an escape from "adulting." A facilitator of nostalgic food experience, Moozy epitomizes adventure, play, and pleasure, and celebrates the shared childhood experience. Moozy's vision is to embrace adulthood with a dripping ice cream cone in hand.


Brand Identity, Brand Collateral, Illustration


This project was inspired by my intimidation of going to a bar when I had just turned 21. I sought to create a fun, non-intimidating approach to drinking for first-time or light drinkers. I wanted the brand to be driven by the growing trend of adult play, an aspect I found missing in existing alcoholic ice cream brands. 


Moozy supports small farms to produce its ice cream. Not forgetting the cows who help in this process, customers can sponsor a cow in partnering farms and receive an exclusive sponsorship package in return.

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